Key Points to Know About Temporary Hair Color

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Coloring your hair is one of the best and worst things that you can do to your hair. It’s awesome since it adds shine and life to your hair and quirky hairstyles will look edgier on you more than ever before. On the downside, hair dyes can damage your hair in the long run, no matter what color you’re using; the only thing you can try to do is to minimize this damage. Most of the women color their hair because they’re bored with their natural hair color and if you are someone who loves to experiment with your looks/locks, you may not like permanent hair colors either. This is where temporary hair colors can help you.

Temporary hair colors stay intact until a wash or up to six weeks from the day you’ve applied it, depending upon what type of temporary color you use. They come in different forms like spray, gel, and cream.

How does it work?

Temporary hair color, when applied on the hair shaft, forms a thin layer outside the cuticle. It is applied without a developer and it starts fading after one or two washes depending upon how porous your hair is.

What are the benefits of using temporary hair colors?

Temporary hair colors look more natural on your hair than permanent ones. You can get them done in streaks enhancing a certain hairstyle that you want to set. However, if you’ve colored your hair permanently, it starts looking odd when your hair starts to grow. This is because you can clearly make out the difference in the newly grown hair and the colored one. The only option you’ve got here is to either get regular touch-ups or to change the already colored portion of your hair to match with your natural hair color. However, that’s not a good idea since you are damaging the portion of your colored hair for the second time.

Another plus point of using temporary hair color is that it’s really easy and you can get your hair done in just a few minutes if you’re using the spray. You can even spray the color to required areas after getting your hair set. This opens up a wide range of hairstyles even for a brunette with dark hair because highlights are required to accentuate the beauty of a lot of these styles. Check out 50 Platinum Blonde Hairstyles | The Cuddl. Temporary hair color does minimal damage when compared to permanent hair color. Try using a good-quality color that is ammonia-free so that it doesn’t disturb the texture of your hair.

They are great for experimenting; you cannot really experiment much if you’re using permanent color on your hair. Temporary hair colors gives you the liberty to use colors like blue, pink, green, purple, yellow, and orange that may become a disaster if you’re using permanent color. You can also mix two colors, make different colored highlights, and be creative!