DIY Stiletto Nail Shape for Fashionable Women


In case, you were looking forward to DIY stiletto nail shape, you should log on to The website would provide you easy instructions and directions for your desired stiletto nail shape needs. However, you would need to collect certain items beforehand. It would be inclusive of artificial nail kit. The kit should include regular or oval shaped artificial nails. You would also need nail glue, nail file, nail clipper, base coat, nail polish and topcoat.


In event of the artificial nails not in stiletto shape, you should cut them into stiletto shape by making a diagonal cut with slight curve. Use your nail bed to provide the perfect shape to the stiletto nails. Apply base coat to the artificial nails, let it dry and apply nail polish on it. Apply topcoat to protect your nail polish. Affix the artificial nails using the nail glue and use glitters to add final additions to your stiletto shape nails.