Adorn your baby with the most comfortable and cutest outfits.


Be it a new-born or a two-year-old, small children of such age groups should be taken care of the most, especially when it comes to picking up clothes for them to wear. Dresses for the infants are made of different layers. Selecting a clothing brand such as nellystella clothes which provides new parents with a variety of designs and option should be the focus while initiating a purchase. Comfortable and trendy at the same time, brands like nellystella brings forth a wide range of clothes for the infants.

Various kinds of materials are taken into account when making clothes for infants. However, the new parents should keep in mind the necessary raw materials and the do’s and don’ts of choosing the right kind of clothing:

· Cotton and Cotton Blends

The most common and famous material that makes up most of the baby clothes is cotton.

  • Cotton blend with polyester is a piece of fabric that is quite soft but not being entirely cotton it lacks the ability to absorb much sweat of the baby.
  • Cotton blended with spandex is a popular choice when buying warmers outfits for the baby. It has elasticity and can tighten around the baby’s body easily.

Cotton blends are easy to care for and can be used for a more extended period of time compared to cotton.

· Bamboo

The bamboo fabric is excellent for layering. It is thermal regulating and is excellent for controlling the body temperature of your baby. There are many advantages of this fabric as it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This fabric is similar to cotton and provides extreme comfort.

· Fleece

Fleece is a warm and fuzzy fabric that is exceptionally outgoing compared to other types of clothing. It is easy to wash and dry and also is a popular choice for busy parents. It has flexible use during any seasons.

These materials are the most common kinds of fibres that are popularly picked up by parents. Nellystella dress sale a wide range of infant clothing which other clothing manufacturers must also consider.